Eckert Suzuki Music

Do students learn by ear?
Suzuki students develop highly trained ears through daily listening to recordings of the music they are learning. Because of this, they are free to learn pieces beyond their early reading abilities, enabling them to concentrate on musicianship and technique.

Do students learn to read music? 
Yes! The teaching of pre-reading skills begins immediately in the weekly group classes and lessons, with students learning to read music at the age appropriate time.

What is required of the parent?  
One parent (the Suzuki "Mom" or "Dad") attends lessons and takes notes. The Suzuki Parent is then responsible for daily home practice and listening.  
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What are the ages of the students?  
Students may range in age from 3  - adults.
The program is designed specifically for the age and need of each student.

What books are used?
Eckert Suzuki Music is committed to the Suzuki Teaching Literature and Philosophy.
Students work carefully through the Suzuki Literature.  Supplemental literature is introduced when appropriate to broaden the students' exposure to a multitude of styles and composers.